Fixed  node permissions do not get deleted when deleting forum-node


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I created about 5 forum-nodes and one of the forums I have set to "private" and "visible to registered members only".

Then I deleted this "private" Forum because I did not want to have this Forum anymore.

Then about one week later, I created about 30 new forums.
And one out of those 30 new Forums inherited the permission-settings which I have set for a Forum which was actually deleted about a week ago.

So even I deleted that one specific "private" Forum, the "permission settings" were somehow still in the system. I assume the Node-ID-number was saving those settings but those settings were not deleted when I deleted those specific forum.

So the new Forum-Node took over old permission-settings of a Forum-Node which did not exist anymore.

Do you get what I am trying to say ?


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Though I've not tested it, I understand. Could you state what version you are using? xf1.0.0 released? Or an older version?


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Fixed now. Note that IDs should only be reused (like that) by MySQL if the server is restarted (which ideally shouldn't happen often).