XF 1.2 Node icon is wider than normal


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I can't understand why the node icons that are defined to be 36px by 36px are showing up as 37px by 37px, see screenshot:

Its a bit of a problem because it is showing 1px extra of the next node icon in the sprite and I don't really no what to do to fix it.

Update: I just found the reason for the above. Seems that happens if I zoom chrome browser to 110%. What is stranger now is that if I zoom beyond 110%, the size is back to 36px by 36px.

Could there be a css fix for this or should I just make my sprite have a free pixel on each side so that this can be avoided if someone is zooming?
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There's nothing you can do about that, it is due to the browser rendering.
The dimensions have already been specified in CSS.

Adding some blank space either side of the image, or just using a separate image rather than a sprite is about all you can do.