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XF 1.3 node duplication bug/issue

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by XxUnkn0wnxX, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. XxUnkn0wnxX

    XxUnkn0wnxX Active Member

    i have also tested this on my testing board with 0 add-ons enabled..

    this what happens each time i create a new Forum Node. not category node


    don't worry about the number 1 thats from an add one using a picture from my main board to describe the issue.

    but it still happens with 0 add-ons on my testing board.

    nm delete this post i think i found out what is causing the issue.. but still cannot be sure...

    K found out the issue. thought i had all add ones turned off seems like one of them did this.

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2014

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