XF 1.5 Node drop down displays link forums


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When we move a thread or perform other actions the node drop down displays all link forum. Of course these cannot be selected in the interface and therefore it makes no sense to have these in the drop down.
We see the same behaviour if addons make use of a forum node drop down: users see nodes that they cannot select.
Is there anything that I can do to prevent this behaviour? Or is this a bug or oversight in XenForo?


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It's not really a bug or oversight. It's roughly intentional as an unselectable node type may have a child that is selectable. The tree isn't analyzed to that depth. It would need an add-on/code changes to handle differently.


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I have a large number of link nodes, which means that the drop down has a lot of rows that cannot be used in the interface. The list is too large, as we have hundreds of nodes.

This addon?
Great addon, but I am not using it anymore.
One of the addons is a global new thread function which is essential these days. Members need to select the node in a drop down. But they cant understand it because of all the link nodes. This likely means that I will need to either delete the link nodes or I need to have an addon created that ignores the link nodes.