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Node: custom permissions

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by Mythotical, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    I have dug and dug, I'm tired of digging. How can I create custom permissions for nodes that will install with my add-on? I thought maybe I would have to do an sql insert but not sure anymore. Couldn't find any guides, tips, tricks, or anything. Even looked through add-ons that are released here but all those that do it are paid mods. So anyone that can help I would appreciate it.

  2. ninja-9

    ninja-9 Member

    I've been digging for days as well... here you go:

    [your website url]/admin.php?permissions/definitions
  3. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I know about that page but I can't figure out how to get the permissions to be set for node instead of usergroups. Any idea how I can get my permissions set for nodes instead of usergroups? I have 2 sets of permissions, 1 is for usergroups, the other is for node as I want to activate my add-on on a forum basis.
  4. ninja-9

    ninja-9 Member

    Oh, I miss understood your question... I need more sleep.

    Sorry, no idea at the moment!

    Just curious, which add-ons are doing this?
  5. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    I'm doing an image shop called xShop
  6. ninja-9

    ninja-9 Member

    Let me rephrase... which paid add-ons mods are doing what you desire?
  7. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    xPortal Pro include xGallery and xArticles, xShop + xCredits, xGallery, and xArticles

    Right now I'm moving servers so my sites are down til tomorrow.

    Currently working on xShop and finishing xPortal Free before I begin work on xPortal Pro all of which will use node permissions.

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