XF 1.3 No Stylesheet after saving settings.



I'm not sure if its a problem with Apache2 or Xenforo itself.
Sometimes after saving settings in the Adminpanel or anywhere else (not loading a site, just while saving settings/posts etc) I'm getting a page without css/style (at least it looks like it).
After a page reload (F5) its fine.
But i don't want to reload each time i save something :x

Any idea how to solve this problem?



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I have just responded to your ticket.
All the signs are it's a server issue so your host should be able to help.
There are more details in the ticket.

Tracy Perry

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Im having the same issue.
I have full access to the VPS, how do I fix this?
Your'e running the old 1.3x line still?
If so, it might behoove you to upgrade to see if that resolves the issue. If not, then I'd suggest creating a new post with the version # specified or entering a ticket.