RM 1.2 No option to upload resource icon after saving & Additional Information URL does not show


When entering a resource, I check the Upload resource icon, but, after saving, I am taken straight to the added resource, with no option to upload an icon. Also, when editing a resource, I see no option to add or edit a resource icon. It is like the ability to add/change an icon does not exist, and it has me stumped.

To my knowledge, I have granted access in all the permissions, and I can move, feature, reassign a resource, etc, but I see no icon options.

Also, I don't know why the Additional Information url does not show. I posted both issues together, in case they are related. Any help would be appreciated. Everything else in the Resource Manager seems to work as expected so far.

Thank you!


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Make sure you have the 'Allow Icons to be Uploaded with Resources' option checked in Resource Manager Options. If that's not ticked, you won't be able to add icons.

The additional info link is shown at the bottom of the Information section in the sidebar ('Find more info at...').
Thank you for the info where to find the additional information link, Snog!

The "Allow Icons to be Uploaded with Resources" box is checked in the Resource Manager Options, and the option appears when entering the resource. When the option is checked at the end of the resource, however, no option to upload the icon is given after saving the resource.


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Well, you've got me there. There should be an overlay form that comes up to upload the icon.

Perhaps someone else might have an idea.


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Below the "edit resource" link, you should have an "edit resource icon" link. Does that not appear?
No, Mike. If I click on a Resource , there is an "edit" link next to the tags, and an "edit" link under the Overview Tab, that allows for editing the resource. Nothing is below that edit link, except the "Rate This Resource:" stars option.

Also, the overlay form that Snog mentioned does not appear.
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Does it work in a completely default unedited style?

It's possible that any customisation to the style has resulted in the link and trigger no longer working.
Brogan, not too long after I first installed Xenforo a few months ago, I customized some style components under Default Style, before I added any addons. I'm including a screen shot of the 15 elements I customized. I can remove the customizations to test it, but I wanted to make sure this is what you were speaking of first.



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In general, I wouldn't expect style property changes to affect something like that - it would more likely be template edits.

The trigger not working could be due to a JavaScript issue - you can use the browser console to check if anything's being recorded there.

Regarding the icon link, do you not see this on resources you have created?


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In that case, your issue is caused by the widget framework add-on you have installed/your configuration of it. You've removed the standard sidebar on resource pages.
Thank you, Mike! That solved the problem. After disabling [bd] Widget Framework, The overlay box with the option to upload an ion appears after saving a resource, and the Resource Tools box, with resource links, appears in the sidebar. After working with the Resource Manager more, I will go back and explore how [bd] Framework can work with it.

Also, thanks to all who helped!