XF 1.1 "Wheel" turning after saving on post edit


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When editing then saving a post, the top right "wheel bar" indicator is always turning and post is not displayed.
I have to refresh the page and i can see the modification.

Console shows this error :

[09:51:53,309] POST http://www.forum-des-portables-asus.fr/www/posts/78179/save-inline [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 1109ms]
[09:51:54,368] Event: %s AutoValidationDataReceived
[09:51:54,368] message_html: Okay
[09:51:54,369] : Okay
[09:51:54,369] Event: %s AutoValidationComplete
[09:51:54,374] DeCache  ({0:{}, selector:"", context:(void 0), length:1})
[09:51:54,423] NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS: Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMWindow.getComputedStyle] @ http://www.forum-des-portables-asus.fr/www/js/jquery/jquery-1.5.2.min.js:16
[09:51:55,498] TypeError: c.page_info is undefined @ http://dtym7iokkjlif.cloudfront.net/assets/pub/shareaholic.js:287
Any idea on how to fix this ?


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Hm, neither browser shares a rendering engine. Not a browser issue. Could be cloud flare messing with the return somehow. I'm not going to be much help at this moment.


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I tried to desactivate all the addons, same issue.
This error only occurs on quick edition popup window.
When you edit on "more option" full page edition, the message saves correctly


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A question
How do i change the link for 'Edit' button to Full Option edition page link ?
(i might want to avoid the popup window...)

Thank you


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I have swith the use of JS from local to Google in
Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> External Service Providers -> jQuery Source
And do not meet the problem anymore.
I might want to re-upload the original
jquery-1.5.2.min from Xen 1.1.2 archive.


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Spoke too quickly
External Jquery or Local, i still have the same issue on popup edition...
Wheel keep rolling... no refresh.

Any way to fix that ?

I tried disabling all the addon, the issue i still present.

How can i disable this popup to go directly in the full edition window ?

Thank you.

Tracy Perry

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Hi King Kovifor
Using FF 22.0 and Win 7
Also occurs with Google Chrome.
Than you
Tried to register on your site to see if it happened to me also, but you require mandatory ASUS information - and since I don't have an Asus device I cannot provide it. Sorry can't be of more help.