Not a bug No refresh on inline thread edit

Jake B.

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If you're using the inline thread edit feature

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and you either check or uncheck the 'sticky' option it should probably refresh the page so it displays in the correct location (or even move it using javascript, though this is probably unnecessary) so it will display in the correct location. Everything else updates using javascript (such as the title, prefix, state, and open icon) when you click 'Save', so this probably should (even if by refresh) as well.

Not sure if this is really a 'bug', but I figured it made more sense here than in suggestions.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I don't really agree that this is a bug.

It updates the thread, just like everything else, e.g. it adds the sticky icon. Forcing a refresh here seems inappropriate, as otherwise some of the usefulness of editing inline is lost. e.g. if you're at the bottom of the list and you want to make several threads sticky, it'd be annoying to have to refresh the page each time.

It's not an invalid suggestion, though, I'm just not convinced we'd implement a page refresh here.