Fixed No prefix when registering a new feed


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I created a new prefix and then went to register a new feed. When I click on the prefix drop down on the Title Template field, no prefix shows up. Im using XF 1.1.4.
Did you select the forum where the thread will be posted? Only then are the available prefixes shown (as they have to be assigned to forums).
Its related to custom user groups. The prefix shows up when I create a new feed that has the prefix with a useable user group set to "Registered". If I change the prefix useable user group to a custom user group, the prefix does not show up when creating a new feed.
This is a bug that's fixed for 1.1.5. As a workaround, you just need to make sure that you the admin can use the prefix (so if you're in a group for admins, just select that).
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