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Basically sections that DO NOT have subforums have the "post new thread" icon, but for sections that have subforums the "post new thread" icon does not appear until you click on a subforum WITHIN that section.


Regular Noforum Section ---- has new post icon

Section 1 --------- has no new post thread icon
-- subforum has the post new thread icon

Is it meant to be that way? for my sake I hope not :p


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I'm not sure what you are talking about? Are you putting the sub forums in a category or an actual forum?
Here is an example


Please log in using

Username: Test
password: test

Or you can click any section that has subforums, you'll notice that it doesn't have a "Post New Thread" icon until you click on a subforum OR a forum that doesn't have any subforums.

Or you can use an example here,


That section has a subforum, but when you click on xenforo suggestions that has the "post new thread" icon as well as the subforum.

On mine only the subforum has a post new thread icon.


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Could this be a style issue?

The permissions to create a new thread in a forum with sub forums seem to exist. If you add /create-thread to the end of the URL of one of these forums it brings up the Create Thread page, something which it wouldn't do (I assume) if you didn't have the right permissions.


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I agree on it being a style issue. The button is in a different position if there are sub-forums so that also fits.


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Set up a default style and disable all add-ons. Can you still confirm it?
Yeah it works perfectly on xenforo default skin, but on my main skin it does not. The weird thing is that while our main fixed skin doesn't have the "post new thread"icon in nodes that have subnodes, the regular fluid of the same skin that we do not use has them in all the nodes. I tried erasing all the Extra.css codes and no luck, tried disabling all addons, no luck. So the default xenforo is perfect, the custom fluid skin is perfect, but the custom fixed is the only one having the issue.

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