Cannot reproduce No permission to upload video, but can see the video upload icon

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My test user has no permissions to upload video, but they can see the button in the editor.

But, when they use it to upload a video, the video appear to upload with progress bar but then they get a message saying file extension not allowed
What settings have you changed/checked exactly to ensure there is no permission?

In my testing the button disappears as expected
Registered and all groups except mine (admin) are No permission, here is the test user:

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 18.46.49.webp

All addons disabled, default style.
I'm going to leave this open in case we get anymore reports but, despite my best efforts, I am completely unable to reproduce this issue.

I've traced through the code, I've changed my own permissions and tried various permutations of options. I am not seeing anything that would explain this, nor can I produce a result similar to what is being reported, and I have attempted it on various installs.

I genuinely do not doubt this is happening but while I cannot reproduce it, or see an obvious cause, I'm going to have to admit defeat until such a time that we figure it out.
It's very odd.

Still happening on my site, but now if a user with no permission uploads via the upload video button (that they shouldn't even see) the result is this:

Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 13.53.27.png

But if I upload (as I have permission) I first of all get a video with broken play button

Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 13.58.09.png
Then when I save the posts I see the video (but without poster image):

Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 14.00.09.png

But it plays fine. if you refresh the page (before or after playing) it all seems to work as it should, ie displaying the poster image.
The above is safari.

I just tried with Firefox as me (ie with permission) and after uploading to 100% it went to this:


Then after saving it was all fine.

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