XF 1.5 No mention alerts

It's Luke

Okay this is a strange one, I've been through the settings all night trying to work this one out but literally have no idea why it's doing this.

I'm in the process of setting up my forum and am at the stages of testing permissions and making sure everything is working for every usergroup. The problem I'm having is no one is receiving alerts for mentions except for the route installed account. All other alerts are working fine (likes, quotes, replies etc...) apart from mentions. I've made numerous test accounts, tried mentioning them in different threads and forums with different accounts and different usergroups etc, but no one gets mention alerts apart from my route installed account. Any ideas?


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What do you have this set to in the user group permissions?


That is the only thing which can affect it if the preferences are set correctly, if it is set to a low value and you are doing multiple mentions per post?

Other than that, it could be due to user alert preferences: