Fixed No legacy add-ons listed after upgrade


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Uninstalling after the upgrade will remove the add-on from the installed add-on list, but none of the uninstallation code can be performed, so it will leave behind any tables and data.
Before I upgraded I deactivated the addons, but I am not seeing them under the addon list:


Chris D

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I think this is a bug. Those four add-ons should be listed and marked as "Legacy add-ons" with an explanation as to what that actually means.


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I can confirm that this was also the case for me in all 3 beta releases, however it resolved itself once I installed the RM addon, and all the legacy addons were then listed as expected.


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The index method in the AddOn controller doesn't include legacy add-ons in the total but there's a conditional in the addon_list that checks the total. Straight after an upgrade, it's 0 until there's an installable / upgradeable addon present.

$viewParams = [
    'upgradeable' => $upgradeable,
    'installed' => $installed,
    'installable' => $installable,
    'legacy' => $legacy,
    'total' => count($upgradeable) + count($installed) + count($installable),
    'disabled' => $this->getAddOnRepo()->getDisabledAddOnsCache()


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Now when I read this here I noticed the same in Beta 1, I didn't see the legacy add-ons listed and once I uploaded a XF2 add-on they where listed.
I didn't really think about it, and didn't realise it could be a bug.
I hope this makes it easier to debug.