As designed No email confirmation for registered users if manual approval enabled!!!

Affected version
2.0.0 RC 1

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In XF1.5 when the email confiramation for new users registration enabled & the manual approval enabled too, any new registered user will be requested to confirm his account email before that user appears on the approval queue for manual approval "2nd step". In XF2.0 the confirmation of the email is baypassed when the manual approval is enable. I think this is a bug that needs your attention because email confirmation reduces alot spam users!!




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I just tried to reproduce this and the user was sent to email confirmation first as expected.

There is an exception to this but it's identical to XF1. If a spam trigger is hit, we pass the account directly to manual approval (which will display the spam trigger details). This is expected.

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My bad, I tested the registration with the same IP address of my admin account so that new registered account was counted as a spam and thus the email verification was bypassed.

Thanks Mike for clarifying this :)