XF 1.3 No CSS


Apparently it may not be an issue with Xenforo?

I have tried using Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and all 3 have little to no CSS and some times the pages just turn up blank.

If I use a VPN or a proxy server, the pages seem to load fine, with full CSS.


This is just a fresh install of the latest version of Xenforo. I have closed my browser, tried different browsers, restarted my local computer ect.


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It looks like your server is doing some manipulation to the output. The content length header appears to not match the content. This is happening to the CSS, but also to the JS files and these are served directly via your webserver (no involvement by XF). You may need to contact your host regarding that. (Please try to take any proxy out of the picture, if you're using something like CloudFlare.)