Browser issue  No Avatar For Recent Activity


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I looked in both your profile and mine under Recent Activity, and both of our avatars showed up just fine.
Hmm, that's odd. I just checked your profile and it's blank as shown. I'm currently using Chrome. Avatar show up fine in Profile Posts and Postings.


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I had this issue about a month ago using the nightly Chromium builds. I'm currently using a new build and no loner have this issue. Perhaps it's something in Chrome that will be fixed downstream [or so it seems]?


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Visit any profile and then click on recent activity. The post is there but not the avatar. Attached screen shot.
It's a problem in Chrome Beta, i'm seeing the issue also. Same when you quick reply to a thread, your avatar doesn't show in your post unless you refresh the thread your viewing.

Tried to downgrade Chrome, wouldn't let me and don't want to re-install losing all my settings :mad:

EDIT: Oh quick reply is working in Chrome Beta now (Avatar shows).