XF 1.5 nitpicking facebook preview image


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so usually it will just show my logo of the site, never shows the avatar of the users.
when it doesn't show the logo, it will show one of my ads i have placed, it's a green screen and that sort of drives me nuts

this is what i get in facebook debugger

Warnings That Should Be Fixed
  • Object Invalid Value
    Object at URL 'http://unitedstreamers.net/threads/hello-everyone.257/' of type 'article' is invalid because the given value '1358893730791298' for property 'fb:pages' could not be parsed as type 'fbid'.
  • Inferred Property
    The provided 'og:image' properties are not yet available because new images are processed asynchronously. To ensure shares of new URLs include an image, specify the dimensions using 'og:image:width' and 'og:image:height' tags. Learn More
How should i go about fixing this issue? if there's no image, within the post, i'd like it first to use the avatar, then if no uploaded/custom avatar, use the logo.


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Facebook may choose to ignore the avatar due to its size restrictions (the avatar may be too small). Otherwise, the logo is the expected share icon. The only other options are removing the og:image lines from open_graph_meta.

Those are just warnings so they shouldn't necessarily break things. The first warning (about fb: pages) isn't from the default code.