NGINX/IIS and needing guidance.

Pope Viper

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I've run XF successfully for years, then life changes, etc, etc, got me away from it.

I brought my 1.x forum back up, and decided to start fiddling around with it. Only difference was that I had brought NGINX into my world to provide subdomain url support.

Well, I decided to spin up a 2.1 forum so I could see what changes were had, and what I needed to start working on. I was able to install, but what's killing me is that whenever I try to go to the admin area, it defaults to the local server IP rather than the board URL.

I've tried everything I can think of, installing multiple times, to multiple directories, modifying the NGINX config, and I'm stumped, I'm willing to pay to get some assistance to figure out what the heck is going on with this.

I would appreciate any guidance, and please let me know in a PM if you're interested in helping me one on one. I admit to being new at NGINX, and if need be, and if it will make my life easier, I'll stand up a stand alone Linux box to get this working again.