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I know this has been mentioned but I don't think anyone has ever said whether xF has the ability to search for threads by a time period.

On my old vB site and in IPB I edited the templates and created a way to view threads by a time period. There were serveral options in this selection.

  • New Posts
  • Posts in last 24 hours
  • Posts in last 48 hours
  • Posts this Month
  • Posts in last 6 months
  • Posts in last Year
The one thing that was needed to make this work under those other scripts was the ability to edit the time in the search.php file to include these times and then some template edits to call them.

In xF, is there any way to create this? On slow days this often offered the opportunity to revisit older threads or posts that were marked as read because the member had nothing to add, but now in the future they have something worth while adding.

It overall helped keep the site alive with content when things were slow.

I would love to know if this is possible and if it is, would it be something that is easier to do like in vB or IPB or if not, I would be willing to pay someone to write this mod up for me.

Thanks for helping me with this!



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I missed this, now I can add some links to give my community the ability they miss.