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I've added a few news feeds which have news (press releases) dating back a year. All of these articles are automatically being pulled even if they are almost a year old. I had to set the feeds to stay in moderation so I could delete all of them.

I want to add many more feeds but it's impossible at the current state. I don't feel like deleting hundreds of threads in moderation, checking each news feed to find out what is new, and approving the few that are new.

There needs to an option to pull the feeds from a certain date range. For instance, if I added a feed today, I should be able to set it up so it only pulls news from 2/4/2011 and on. If wanted, I should be able to pull older articles.

Side Note:
When the feed pulls the old news all at the same time, it also broke the latest thread add-on which crashed the entire forum index. I thought I'd add this just in case it is a problem with XenForo. I'm assuming it's something wrong with the mod.

Should this feed work?|subcat=ALL


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Moving this to suggestions. This will only happen when the feed is first added. You can always run the feed more often when you insert it to clear out the back log, if necessary.


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Along the same vein... it pulls newest first, so the five newest on the first run, next five, older, on the second run, etcetera, so the newer threads have older content. Would like newer threads to have newer content. :)