News Feed Meta Data In Template


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I was trying to mimic Planet Feed Reader using fantastic feed aggregation feature of XenForo. I wanted it to keep a separate entity from our regular forum. Here is what I did.

  • Created a new Forum to post feeds in it.
  • Assigned a permalink for the forum.
  • Made that forum hidden in the listing of nodes.
  • Created a separate theme to be used by just that forum.
Now, I only want to show a list/stream of aggregated feeds in chronological order. I don't want individual posts to be accessible in the forum. Rather, the stream should show the 10-15 items per page having title and content/summery on the same page. But, title should link to the original post URI, not the locally cached copy. Essentially, I want to have the same link on the title as it is there at the end of the body text "Continue reading...". Also, I want feeds of that forum to have original URLs as well.

The problem is that, author, link, title, content and other metadata is available at the time of feed parsing so we can embed it in the static post. But later some of these attributes (specially, original URI) are not available to be included in the templates.

Am I missing something? Is there a way around it?