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Hi Everybody,

I am planning to start a new forum and because this is going to be a brand new experience for me I am not aware at all about the hosting plans. Please can you kindly suggest me something regarding the hosting plans and configurations.


Liam W

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Hi :)

Depending on how big the forum get's, you'll probably want to go for a VPS, which is your own little space that acts like it's own server.

However, for a new forum, shared hosting should do just fine - make sure you find something decent. I believe someone here has their own hosting going, with dedicated servers.

@Liam, thanks for the quick response. Can you suggest me websites, brand names you think I should consider as I mentioned already that I am totally new in this forum stuff so would appreciate help from other forum people to share their experiences.


Adam Howard

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If your community is just starting out a simple shared hosting provider should be enough. Once your site grows, then you may need to move to a VPS (virtual private server). But in your case, as someone starting out fresh, I would recommend a shared account.

My suggestion for providers are and Both are well respected and well reviewed hosting providers on where you may also seek to find alternatives.


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Is hostgator VPS the best to use ?
I am with WiredTree, which I am happy using them for almost two years now. Knownhost is also another well-reviewed company. Both companies have great support team. I learn about these web hosting companies from as mentioned above ;)
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Tracy Perry

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Is hostgator VPS the best to use ?
Sorry @Ken Black, just noticed you specifically stated VPS... and no, they are NOT the best... There are MANY more that are better. If you do not need a managed VPS, then I would whole-heartedly recommend RamNode, specifically the KVM solutions they have. They were my first VPS and their support (when I needed it) was great. Price (up to the 2GB plan) was competitive and they are RAID 10 SSD. I still have one VPS with them (serves my blogs till the account needs to be paid again - at which time I will place them on my own server that I have configured to set up VPS's on).