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New XenForo User... Happy I made the switch

Hi Folks,

I used to have a rather large Vbulletin site or at least I thought it was LOL.. Then, got rid of that and tried Simple Press and it never really took off. I did like the function that the Simple Press had to automatically post my WordPress Posts to my SP Forum in a category if I selected to do it. I hear that I now need a plugin of some type to now have that ability. Any ideas? I have my site (structure) some what built now (skeleton) and could use any advice? I don't really like the colors. But... I want my site to be like the BoneSmart site where I can help and share Aortic Dissection stories all over the world and help others learn.

Here's my site: http://www.aorticdissection.com/XenForo/index.php Just purchased today!

Is there someone out there that might offer some early tips or see anything wrong immediately? I wasn't sure on the creation of the Forum if I picked Sibling or Child? I think I picked Child. If I could add my Logo at the top, that would be nice too!

Thanks Experts!
Brian :)
Thanks for that tip. What I a speaking about is that for example https://xenforo.com/community/ This is divided up into sections where the Orange Bar shows the Topics. My site, appears to duplicate what should be up in that orange divider area. I built the structure as 1 Node, Forums and Siblings I believe.
I feel like an idiot asking what appear to be dumb questions.. sorry:) Thanks!


Well-known member
The orange dividers show the category node names/descriptions...

Check your node structure. Should be something like this:

-- category node
----- forum node
OK.. I was just over at the Ad On Section and I am wanting the ability that if I get a story that I put into a post, for example a story for John Doe who had an Ascending Aortic Dissection, I want it to be also posted in the Personal Stories Section of my forum in the Ascending section. I tried to buy the Plugin form XenPro? But is says sales have been halted? Any ideas as to whom/what is another plugin that will do what I am trying to do? I could do this with Simple Press, but the rest of it was pretty anti user friendly and I gave up on it. I like this forum and hope to be able to do this request. Thanks!