New XenForo User... Happy I made the switch

Hi Folks,

I used to have a rather large Vbulletin site or at least I thought it was LOL.. Then, got rid of that and tried Simple Press and it never really took off. I did like the function that the Simple Press had to automatically post my WordPress Posts to my SP Forum in a category if I selected to do it. I hear that I now need a plugin of some type to now have that ability. Any ideas? I have my site (structure) some what built now (skeleton) and could use any advice? I don't really like the colors. But... I want my site to be like the BoneSmart site where I can help and share Aortic Dissection stories all over the world and help others learn.

Here's my site: Just purchased today!

Is there someone out there that might offer some early tips or see anything wrong immediately? I wasn't sure on the creation of the Forum if I picked Sibling or Child? I think I picked Child. If I could add my Logo at the top, that would be nice too!

Thanks Experts!
Brian :)
Thanks for that tip. What I a speaking about is that for example This is divided up into sections where the Orange Bar shows the Topics. My site, appears to duplicate what should be up in that orange divider area. I built the structure as 1 Node, Forums and Siblings I believe.
I feel like an idiot asking what appear to be dumb questions.. sorry:) Thanks!


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The orange dividers show the category node names/descriptions...

Check your node structure. Should be something like this:

-- category node
----- forum node
OK.. I was just over at the Ad On Section and I am wanting the ability that if I get a story that I put into a post, for example a story for John Doe who had an Ascending Aortic Dissection, I want it to be also posted in the Personal Stories Section of my forum in the Ascending section. I tried to buy the Plugin form XenPro? But is says sales have been halted? Any ideas as to whom/what is another plugin that will do what I am trying to do? I could do this with Simple Press, but the rest of it was pretty anti user friendly and I gave up on it. I like this forum and hope to be able to do this request. Thanks!