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Why not make a new “What’s New” layout, at least available as an option, where instead of simply scrolling through topic TITLES, actually seeing a few lines of the first post - with the ability to “see more”, see comments, and reply - without leaving the “What’s New” page?

Facebook works this way because it draws people in to either react (like, etc) or comment. They have spent a lot of time and money on researching what gets people motivated to add DATA to their system.

The “What’s New” area is very old school since UBB. It’s time for a change.
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There needs to be a way to simply see every discussion happening on one page and be able to interact with each discussion right there. If there's too much going on in the main "what's new" just go into the specific forum you want to be in and scroll down to read and interact with any post you want. It's really not that complicated and once one forum software offers this experience, the only ones that will continue to exist are the ones that do the same...
You might want to take a look at

The feed basically already does exist:

It just lacks interaction features, eg. being able to reply/react/vote/watch/bookmark/share without leaving the page.
Thank you!
We are looking for the interaction features too, but this is a start (y)
I hope they'll add it to the following versions...

Does the feed add-on work without the ACE theme?
It's still a beta version so I won't add it yet to the production site.
I have voted for this.

But just a little FYI, there is a thread asking how to achieve this in threadlist by customising:

And there is a resonaly priced addon which does it:

However I voted for this also because it's something that would be good in the core of xenforo, not have to get yet another addon!
Why not make a new “What’s New” layout
Kinda agree on the suggestion but also I'll note that IMO they kinda did add a new look / approach to "what's new", with the addition of the search forum. It's a great addition. I list a search forum as the first on my forum index list. There I search / filter an idealistic result pulled from throughout the site while omitting the off-topic stuff. I do that by making the users select a prefix "NFR" for not fishing related threads posted in our general forum node, which I filter out in the search forum, along with leaving out off-topic forums all together.
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This modern feed front end needs to be part of the XF core.
All of these add-ons are too complex and full of bugs.

We all need to conatct XF and suggest that they start working on it. Maybe they already are?
XF 3.00 ?
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