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Love this add-on :) Thank you for it!

But I have a problem since I moderate new users accounts manually. So once a new user registered an account the welcome PN will be sent immediately even if I still have not confirmed/moderated the account. Even if I delete the account the welcome PN had been already sent and the new user got an email information about this PN even if his account may has been deleted.

So it would be helpful if the welcome PN will be sent only after the new user account has been accepted by the admin if new user accounts need moderation.
What about this?


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It does not seem to work on XF 1.3
Can you be more specific - do you get any error messages? What happens (or doesn't happen) to make you think it doesn't work with 1.3?

@ExtraLicense - will you be updating this add-on to work with 1.3 if it is broken? (I hope so as it's a great tool for encouraging user engagement from new members). (y)

Shaun :D
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Sorry it just does not create the conversation , no errors at all. It installed ok and the conversation senders were entered into the option provided .


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I installed this on 1.3 - I might be overlooking something but where is the option in the ACP to set this up for the message


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Thank you - went there and this is working for me in 1.3. I do however have a question. I went to edit the message phrase and it worked nicely however I am trying to use this as a way to point people to specific threads of interest however I was using
<a href="">Qualifications to Join</a>
in the body but I'm guessing it does not accept that way as it just displays <a href="">Qualifications to Join</a> in the body of the message. is there a way to make this happen. Your input is greatly appreciated


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Use BBcode rather than HTML.

To get the BBcode, create a temporary post on your forum with the link you want, then edit the post and put the editor in Plain text mode and you'll see the code as you need it in your welcome PM.


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Me again, I'm sorry where exactly do I click to put the editor in plain text mode. I saw a button that said bb code but that was it


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Is there any way to have the add-on wait until the user has been verified or confirmed their email before it generates the PM? I get a PM for every single spam registration and its kind of a PITA.
Please add this feature, it's the best approach to do the job imho.