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I realise that. goblues was inferring that he wanted to get users from here to register so he could test your add-on. I just wondered how that testing went.
Sorry for the confusion, but testing went well and we released it.


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Is there any way to have the add-on wait until the user has been verified or confirmed their email before it generates the PM? I get a PM for every single spam registration and its kind of a PITA.
You could automatically leave the conversation!

Tony Schober

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Is there a reason I don't have a Conversation Starter field? This add-on isn't working for me and I'm assuming it's because of this.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.13.16 AM.png


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My problem is uploading the files. I dont think I am doing it correctly. I dragged the upload folder to the xenforos "library" folder and then added the xml page to the xenforo to add the new resource and it says no files can be found.

Using the latest xenforo version


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Do not upload the upload folder. Inside the upload folder is the library folder which must be merged with XenForo's library folder