XF 1.1 new style import / child of parent style ?


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I am just installing a new style with the option of importing this new style as a "Child of Parent Style".

What happens if I will delete the "Parent-Style"?

I would like to delete the "Parent-Style", as I do not want y users to select the "Parent-Style" via the Link in the Footer.

So if I have installed the "New Style" as the "child of parent style", then I go and delete the "parent Style", will the customizations which I have made for the "Parent Style" (like e.g. hiding some Navbar-Tabs, etc.) still stay with the Child-Style?

Appreciate your help!

Jake Bunce

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You don't have to delete the parent. Just uncheck it so it's not selectable:

Screen shot 2012-07-09 at 2.38.11 AM.png

Note that when you are logged in as admin you can still select the parent style. But regular users won't have the choice when it's unchecked like in the picture.