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[New] Style CharlaHD


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I am Spanish (translation by Google)

Hello I bring a new style for Xenforo CharlaHD. No schedule, so be patient if there is any error.
It's a very nice style, with icons on the nodes and very nice tones.



Foro caregoria.png

Ultimos mensajes Portal.png


Important!: For the icons to create a folder called "iconosforos" in styles / default / xenforo / iconosforos / icons and enter your ID forum. Example: 1.png

Hope you like it, and if you like DONATE

Thanks mainly to Lms (XenFacil.com)



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just install XML and create a folder named "iconosforos" in styles / default / xenforo /

Spanish'm Sorry I do not understand English well


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Manu si necesitás ayuda avisame, muy lindo el theme! Falta un par de arreglos nomás, pero se ve muy bien!


Manu, if u need some help contact me, very nice theme!
Pues estaría bien, yo no se mucho de esto y si te interesa puedes mejorarlo. Si quieres podemos abrir un tema en xenfacil y vamos mojorandolo y editando.

it would be nice, I do not know much about this and if you're interested you can improve it. if you can open an issue and we xenfacil mojor and editing.