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Graham Smith

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We're considering moving our server from WestHost which has been OK over the years, but I think we can get a better deal elsewhere.

We've got some issues at the moment and WestHost say they can't do much about it because it's a shared server.

At the moment, we get a dedicated IP address, unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts unlimited databases etc, but as it's a shared server, it does seem really slow on occasions.

Currently we're paying about US$17/month based on a 3 year subscription.

A friend has suggested that we go over to KnownHost.

Just wondered if anyone had any personal experience of KnownHost or maybe another suggestion?
All I know.. I use a Heztner VPS instance with the BETA of CentMinMod (and use SES for email) and am paying about $17 USD a month (4vCPU/8GB/160 GB storage) and I use Almalinux ( and CentMin Mod which is in private BETA with CentMin Mod) and have no issues... currently the public CentMin Mod supports CentOS 7.0, which is viable through mid 2024.... and there is a current upgrade path for CentoOS -> Almalinux in existence for when tha period expires. I'm pretty sure by that time @eva2000's AlmiaLinux version of CentMin Mod will be out of private BETA.
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