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1) I know there is a 'resource' for something called RANKS... but is there a resource for membership? Perhaps charging people monthly to reach a certain rank? I want people to reach certain ranks by donating a certain amount of money monthly.. like 1,2,3 dollars.
1 dollar being bronze member
2 dollars being silver member
3 dollars being gold member...

Is there a plugin that can do this?

2) Is there a plugin to add a widget to wordpress for signing on to xenforo?

3) can i sell xenforo if i dislike it within perhaps one month? Not saying I am going to dislike it...I am just saying that if it does not meet my needs, it will be $140 down the drain for me....


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User upgrades might do what you want. It won't recognise donations - you;d need an addon for that but it does auto advance status.

There's an addon bridge for wordpress.

You cant sell XP in one month - I think it's 3 months. Of course it would get snapped up.

Most unlikely not to like it. I've used VB and IPB and e107 and everything else is so clunky compared to XF. Fast, stable, and fun.
Plus the community here is fast to give help, highly active and with loads of creative coding by addon developers ... and XF itself is being heavily developed again.

The Resource Manager alone is like a whole new XF and it's due out on March 26. $20 sale price for a killer addon.


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I think i might get it...
first forum I have ever boughten lol

Just a little worried about trying to make it work with my WP Website...
especially trying to make the layout look like my wp design


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there is no plugin to allow users to blog...
There are two.
There is a free blogging add-on created by the same developer that created [XI] Blog. It's known as - [LN] Blog (not sure if it's still available).
there is no plugin to allow users to upload pictures to an album and etc..??
There are two that I know about :


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Billy - welcome. You'll enjoy it.
I did a trial with wordpress and I managed to make the design match myself. It was fiddly but I managed. XF is good for design.

There's lots of people here will help and you get answers fast.


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Ya i know :p

Does anyone know if that login and register bar that xenforo shows can show on all the pages of wordpress? So users know where to go to sign on when they are not on a forums page

Ernest L. Defoe

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A good user by the name of Russ does great work & can make your forum look exactly like your Wordpress for cheap.
Yah I talked to him... I think that's who I am going to go with. I just need to save up a little $$ for him. lol

Just more and more expenses (n) :eek:

I can personally vouch for the person JABRONI mentioned as he just did a custom theme for my site. He was very reasonable and did an outstanding job. If he can't make your forums match you WP site then I don't think anyone else could. He is very good at what he does. It will be well worth the money that's for sure.