XF 1.5 New posts side block


Hi All
I can't seem to figure where this is going wrong.

I have some users reporting when they post their post isn't appearing in the 'New Posts' and I have confirmed that to be the case however myself as an admin and another user albeit in a different user group replies and it appears without any problems.

This would indicate the setting is correct and I can't seem to see anything under in the individual user account or user group that would point me in the right direction.

Any help would be great.



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To confirm, are you referring to the "new posts" in the sidebar or the "main" new posts page?

As a guest, I can see uniacidz's latest post in the main new posts page; I can't see it in the sidebar but it was too old to show up there now, so that's not surprising.

Looking at the thread here: http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/site-outages-coming-up.257497/page-7#post-2863344 New posts only shows things that are unread by default; the "recent posts" link shows you everything. So essentially by definition, when you reply to a thread, it won't be unread any longer so it won't appear there.


Spot on new posts in the sidebar is what I'm talking about.

The main new posts doesn't seem to be an issue though.

Odd part is now that the user has mentioned it I haven't seen any of his in the new posts sidebar at all nor is he receiving email replies but that's something else which I'm looking at despite seemingly having the correct settings.