New posts and Recent posts

What is the difference?
is there any?
I think the name should be merged - assuming the functionality is the same.

optional improvement
it would be nice if the Recent posts worked for the selected forum - showing only unread posts in that forum node and name was changed to Unread posts.


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The New Posts uses read tracking to determine which threads to show, but doesn't update upon reload of the page. Those results are cached as they are an individual search. If you need new results, you'll have to click the link again to perform a new fetch of posts.

Recent Posts doesn't use read tracking (it is the link provided to guests) to determine what posts to show in the listing. As with New Posts, it requires a click of the link to function and not a simple refresh.
They perform similar, but not identical functionality.


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New posts are posts that are new and unread.
Recent posts includes both read and unread posts which have been made recently.


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They perform a different functionality, and will display recent posts that have been read where New Posts shows just that, new and unread posts.


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Some people like to see a list of all posts, even ones they have read.
Members on my site went crazy when I removed the link from the nav bar.


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It's essential to find threads which one has read before. I even plan to put the link "recent posts" into the navbar, just near the "new posts" link, because my users and me are so used to it.
@PyroM yes, it is important
but if you do not know how each search works it is confusing
in addition both searches are for all posts in the forum, yet they are put in different places
adding to that, Recent posts show only when I click New posts so it is even more confusing for common user


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That's why I plan to put that link in the navigation bar, close to "New Posts". The people will understand, when the links stand together. Thank you Brogan, your words in the resource describe it perfectly! My users an me feel as if we were blind without "Recent Posts", only with "New Posts".

Big mistake! The members went crazy!


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Is there a way that I can use the find_new_posts for the "Recent Posts" functionality only? Because I am using it as a widget template, but it doesn't show anything... If I click on "Recent Posts" however, I am getting the posts. What am I doing wrong?


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Ah, alright. Yes, but what about Recent Posts?

If I use find_new_posts as a template, it does not show the contents, but if I click on Recent Posts, it does. Why is that?


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It may be frustrating but only the resource author can help you with that. You'll have to post in the relevant resource discussion thread.