New poll options in 2.2.13?


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So my competition this month, if you click on the poll entry, now shows who voted for that entry. And shows someone cheated! I had been complaining previously that it wasn't possible to see who voted for each entry - and had installed one of Andy's addons (which shows who has voted but not who for).

So I assume this is an update as part of 2.2.13? Is that correct? Is there a list of what has changed in 2.2.13?
Thanks - I know that option is there but previously it just displayed the votes by percentage, but not who had voted for who.
See my previous thread on this!

So it was there all along?!
So why did I need that addon then? I'm confused. It would be really helpful if admin could just remove a vote rather than delete a whole entry due to cheating.
A public poll shows who voted to all users. What you are requesting is that admins can see who voted in non-public polls. So the polls that you think are affected, you can check to see if they are public and you should have your answer.
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