XF 1.5 New nodes created have 7 users with permissions under it


We imported another XF into ours (both same version 1.5.x) and one weird thing is happening. If I create a brand new node there are 7 users that show up under the Node Permissions.

I can go into each one and set them to inherit and they are removed but each one has some various custom permission set even though we are not adding them to the new nodes.

One has Revoke set.
A couple of them have hard-delete post by anyone.

Any idea why these users are attaching to newly created nodes and how to stop it?
It sounds like you have orphaned permissions. This could be from previous import attempts (e.g. importing and then deleting records in the database).

Run this:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Clean Up Permissions

Hi. Ok. Ran the permission clean up, created a new forum and the 7 users added automatically again to it. Any other possible things I can try or something to look for in each user which could indicate why they are attaching to all new created forums?

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