XF 1.2 'New member' group moderated


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Where can I set my 'new member' group to be moderated please?
On the usergroup settings there's plenty to grant moderator abilities, but no option for user posts to be moderated.


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Thank you but the bit I don't know is how to set a group to be moderated.
Set the Follow message moderation rules permission to Not Set (No) for the Registered group (which will be your New Member group). Then for the group that they are promoted to after x posts, set that permission to Allow.

Note: Don't make sure you use Not Set (No) and not Never because if you do then everyone will be moderated as Never can't be overridden.


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I have the setup correctly and users are on moderation, but are not being promoted. Must be missing something but the
upgrade shows it should work.


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Apprently there is some run access con or something woke up this morning and tested the
dummy account and it was now off moderator status. Thats good but any idea why it too awhile
would be helpful.