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Lack of interest "New Media" tab should display only new media


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When you go to the "New Media" tab (find-new/media) not only new media appears but also old media with new unread comments. While this is as designed, it ends being confusing.

The expected behavior should be that when you click in "New Media" you should see the same stuff that you see at community/media (i.e. only new media sorted by the date when they got added).

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I agree.

I dont think old media with new comments belong in the new media section. There should be a separate tab for comments.

I find the small comments icon blends in too much and makes people think its a new media. In fact i just only realised that there was a new comments icon. After chris told me.

For now i will change the color of the icon and hopefully it stands out more so people wont think its a new media.