XF 1.5 New Installation Fail

I just purchased XenForo and am attempting to do a brand new installation.
I uploaded everything using WinSCP and set permissions for the two data folders as instructed by the guide.
My server passed the preliminary tests.
The sql database setup went fine and I got a message that the config.php file had been successfully written to the library folder.

But on the next step I got a "lost connection to server" error.

I deleted the whole community folder and started over from scratch. Same thing.
Any idea what I'm doing wrong? The installation errors out somewhere around step 2b.

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That error is due to your hosting. You would need to get your host to investigate.


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I ran the script that checked my host out and every was A-OK. How do you know it is the host?
The script just tests for requirements. It doesn't put any amount of strain on the server. I want to say that is the mysql server bugging out but I might have it confused with another message as one of them is "The MySQL server went away." lol to where? But it could be the web server process crapping out as well.


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What should I tell my host? Is there some setting I need to tell them to change?
Realistically I would give them the error message, tell them you are installing forum software and ask them to check the logs. It's really easy for an overloaded or misconfigured MySQL server for example to crash or quit responding.