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I need a new host. Suggestions please? I will also need someone to move my forum for me and am willing to pay as I do not have time right now to do it.

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I am also suggesting Nimbus Hosting too. I'm currently in the process of transferring to them after reading all of the positive reviews from other Xenforo users.

@tekgirl - they offer a free migration service and will do everything for you, so they are definitely worth considering.

Tracy Perry

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Thanks...will have a look!
Before you jump in and go running to a new host... you need to figure out where your primary target audience is. If I am not mistaken... Nimbus Hosting is based in the UK. You are going to get some delay in your site if their servers are based in the UK and your clients are in the US.

Best suggestion I can give you is to spend some time on WebHostingTalk reading reviews.
As for transfers.... you can get with @Adam Howard. He's gotten good feedback and does he have a deal for the client -
I do some (usually at no charge) but I'm so snowed under with end of year computer related stuff for 3 of my clients that it's ridiculous. They wait till the EOFY to purchase their equipment and then it HAS to be installed and running before 12/31 ends.


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@Martok - thanks...I am looking into Nimbus...the only issue I have is that they are based in the UK and my primary audience is in the US...

@Tracy Perry - thanks...primary audience is in US, although I do have many UK users...I have no trouble migrating myself, if it was not such a busy time for me...I will take a look at @Adam Howard