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It's a quick template edit in google_analytics
There is no need to update in goolge_analytics template as the script is identical, but need some update as I try to use the Measurement ID in the admin cp and got an error:
Please enter your Google Analytics web property ID / UA number in the format UA-XXXXXX-Y.
@Chris D Can you take a look?


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You can associate the new & old GA codes within your GA settings for the time being

You can associate the new & old GA codes within your GA settings for the time being

Thanks Creaky, spookily enough I was just reading that thread. My issue though is my forum is brand new and didn't have the old UA code so I just created an account with google Analytics to get then code and they give me the new G-XXXetc code which the Google Analytics Web Property ID field in ACP>Options>SearchEngineOptimisation does not accept :(.

So my question is how can either get the 'old' UA code or what do I do?

I've been through Google's help pages etc but any other Stream ID or Account ID number that exists associated with my GA account is not accepted by the Xenforo ACP.
OK, I'm a numpty :( . Sorted it. Had to create another property in Google Analytics then right down the bottom of the screen there's an option 'create ye olde worlde Universal Analytics code' but Google keep telling you, 'nah, you don't want this you want the new all singing all dancing thingy wot you can link in with your app as well'. I ignored that and got it sorted. (y)


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I think there needs to be a lot more discussion about this around here because people need to be made aware that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is very different from the previous version (Universal Analytics).

Having just tried GA4 on a new website of my own, I can say that I will not be "upgrading" my XenForo website to use it and I would strongly recommend that everyone else avoid it — for now, at least. Don't try to change your Universal Analytics code and don't try to upgrade your site.

Despite all the cheery articles from Google and content marketing sites stuffed with platitudes and buzzwords about GA4, it represents a radical shift away from how most of us think about and track our websites. GA4 is really targeted towards marketers and app developers who are more interested in tracking conversions and events. If you want classic site metrics like sessions, page views, and bounce rates, GA4 is not for you and should be avoided, which I presume covers almost every XenForo site owner like myself.

I would recommend waiting to see how GA4 evolves and how Google positions it. I predict it will take years of evolution before it becomes a practical choice for any of us.


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I use StatCounter for my website, I use the Free version, but it has limits.
I do not know how to use it for a forum

I am defunding Google because of all their hoops and algortyhm secrecy and the censorship with Youtube