New Force Touch Macbook Pro 13.3 w/ Retina Display


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been using new iMac for 2 weeks it has changed my life , absolute amazing i have been building websites for 10 years and I've used every version of windows in my life , my first computer was a commodore 64.

i can perform my tasks 33% faster , this counts browsing webpages, checking email and all the normal tasks , the new force touch track pad is PERFECTION. for as much as I'm a whiz at advanced mathematics i am a handicapped speller. I have a broad vocabulary but very poor spelling so poor i usually cannot get close enough for the spell checker to figure out what I'm trying to say so i have to copy paste in google and it usually figures it out, but now all i have to do is touch deep on the track pad over the word and boom dictionary pops up.

as for page scroll , no scroll bars 2 fingers scroll , NO BUTTONS EITHER 2 finger touch is right click. and if you want to see desk top its 3 fingers and a thumb...

at first i was lost but now I'm RUIN i cannot even use a windows computer now , mostly because ctrl is now command and in a different place.


now 2 set backs,

1. Retina display is so fine that you can no longer use pixels as a measure for web design as 500px x 500px is now about 1" its a 200% reduction very hard to use photoshop and the likes because you have to design in 200% zoom to see what it will look like on the web. this is a set back and if you google it many web designers are going back and forth with graphic designers because they refuse to admit that pixels is a unit of measure for us web designers.

2. when trying to edit a post on xenforo i cannot highlight text in the edit window rather is quick edit or full edit , when i try to high light the text my window scrolls all the way to the bottom like real fast , don't know what this is about but it is a PITA.

any other apple users out there?
Nope not me...
Unless you count my
Mac Mini
iPhone 6
iPhone 5s
iPad Mini
Apple iWatch
iPad Pro <purchasing most likely later today>
Long time Windows, and Ubuntu user here.

I picked up a rMBP 13" about 2 years ago (late 2013 edition, maxed out) and love it. I had a similar model at work, so I forced myself to switch at home too.

Just recently upgraded this week to the latest 15" rMBP maxed out as well, and it's absolutely amazing how much they can cram into a little computer. I used to have to use both my personal computer + work computer to power all of my monitors, but now I can do it natively with the one machine:


As a "keyboard guy", I go between Apple mode mode (left hand on keyboard right hand lowered onto trackpad), and Linux mode (2 up to 4 of the screens in tmux/vim/zsh), using the 3 finger swipe to switch. After playing around with tons of *nix distros, this is by far the smoothest one.

If you are ruined like me, and are into "linux as your IDE", I highly recommend remapping caps lock to Escape. Realistically you should be escaping (closing modals, cancelling, etc.) nearly as frequently as you press enter to submit things.


Not a big fan of the force touch though (or rather, no use for it yet). I use tap only (no clicks, unless for things like dragging), and like the causal use touchpad. However, 95% of my time my hands are on the keyboard.
Yep. Bought my first iMac about 6-7 years ago, never looked back. Currently on 3rd iMac.

OSX is masterpiece compared to pile of Microsoft crap. Everything is logical. Each app has its own directory it can read/write to with no chance to affecting other apps and doesn't inject any crap into operating system, making installation and removal very simple and no chance of viruses. For web development its brilliant because its Unix based - php, apache, node, ruby and so on work almost exactly like on web servers.

Though I do have Windows laptop for testing stuff on Windows.
I'm using an old Macbook now (Early 2009). I got it second hand a year or so ago... I love it.

However, I'm an Android user when it comes to phones.

(And I would like to upgrade my Mac, but they cost a fortune and I don't have that kinda money).
One of the best things about the MBP's is the fantastic trackpad. I just recently got a Dell XPS 13 from work, which is one of the best and nicest laptops around.

But it can't get near the MBP 13 I have at home. Just wished Apple updated the housing of the things, they are beautiful to look art but also heavy...
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