As designed New editor doesn't seem to allow tabs (indent)


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I tried to paste html code into my message using the Code bbcode, and all the tabs replaced with spaces.


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Tabs would not be displayed as you think/wish - they'd just be shown as 1 space.


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I understand. May I ask what is the reason for this decision?
Rich text editors (wysiwyg) are using html. Tabs doesn't exist in html. They can only be emulated. Check on the web, you will find many things about it on this.


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Weird, I could swear it showed real tabs the last time I tested it.
If the output is in <pre> tag or white-space property is styled as pre then it might be the case. See this reference. I am not very sure though that it will display tabs as tabs or convert it to a single space.

You can also indent the text on tabs to emulate this effect. :)