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Rigel Kentaurus

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Hello all. I'm working a new design and have a few concept versions I thought I'd share and see what everyone thinks. :)

Concept 1

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Concept 2

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Essentially the same except different backgrounds. Look forward to your feedback!
Personally, I prefer the second one. I have had my set of bad experience with gradients not behaving on all browsers and/or causing a lot of lag for some users. And a plain color has almost never failed me.

Your design looks really, really good.


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Can easily go with fashion forums, very stylish. Great work John. Only the gaps between navigation and footer seems a little off, is there are specific reason for the gap & are planning on putting something there?


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Not specifically yavuz, just done that way to provide some separation from the content.


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Not really my kind of thing. I like curves, and colour.
But I like the background in no. 1 and that's a lovely grey-blue.
The rest is too like office furniture for me. Sort of utilitarian. I'm sure lotsa people love it as I'm by no means a typical user.


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I like the retro design, quite bloggy. Seem a bit instragrammy and old school.
It would certainly compliment the style of certain types of site very nicely. :)


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I have completed a new style called Blaze that can be viewed here. One thing of note, I have completed a custom userbar feature in the framework that enables one to move the visitor tab links from the navigation to the moderator bar section easily through style property settings. This frees up room on the navigation for additional tabs. This feature will be standard to the framework on all skins.

Interested in your feedback on this design. :)