New Customer Questions

I am excited to start using this software. My sites forum is located at

I just installed Xenforo last night. So far I am loving it. I picked it over vBulletin 5. (I hope my pick was right)

So first question
I have my install in/ forum
and I get
Is it possible to remove the /forums?
I look at this but what if I do not want to move my install directory?

Second question.
You can see my site is a retail site. My vision is on a product page to have a discussion tab. I want a few things here.
My Goal: I have a category called "Products" which I may keep invisible. And I want to put threads in there with the item product titles. This will be where the customers come to discuss about the items. Kind of like comments. but a discussion and handled by xenforo. This will show in the discussion tab.

How I would like to accomplish this.
1. Make this an addon/mod So I can upgrade to the next version.
2. Create a table linking product skus to the product discussion thread. Also related threads. So every product will have a thread in our forum. And it could also have x number of related threads.

Then on the retail site end. I will use the api to grab the product thread and related posts.

If someone could show me how to get started in making a plugin. That would be helpful.



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1. No, its not possible to remove a route. It is however possible to rename them.
2. Yes, this sounds entirely possible with an add-on. There is no api, but if you can access the PHP code, you'll be able to run your own.
Where do I change the route?

I see
Home > Options > Basic Board Information
Index Page Route

I tried changing that and it does nothing.