Implemented Never split words in buttons


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Following my mind flood after my nickname Ra was cured by Kier.

Most of the languages have endings even English but it was shortened by the time.
That is one of the important things that is missed by the English-speaking developers. If they have 2 words, e.g. "post" and "a thread", they use the word "post" as a separate command and connect it with many other nouns, e.g. "a remark" or "a poll" or "a news"...
It sounds healthy and saves developer's time.
That works for the English-speaking forums only.
What we get when we translate the phrase to another language? We get crap.
Post an article - razmestit' statiu (russian pronounced)
But separately a noun has a different ending - so called Common Case (English grammar you see is the same but the ending in English does not change except probably Possessive Case when you add -s to a noun like "Mike's bag".) What happens when we translate separate words:
Post - razmestit (russian translit)
An article - statia (russian translit) - see, ending is for the Common Case and it's different.

So is for many other languages.

To get the maximum of the world forum freaks it needs to be done - operate by phrases not by separate words.


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Every thing is done as phrases/sentences/paragraphs. Single words are only used where thing show up as single words.


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For example, 'Post New Thread', 'Post New Conversation' and 'Post New Reply' all use completely separate phrases. Nothing is shared between them.


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