Nested custom field options?


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Would it be possible to add nested drop-down lists as custom user-fields during registration?

I.e. A user will pick their country of residence from a drop-down, and in the second drop-down for state, they'd then only see the applicable states for that country.


Combo-Box 1 - Country:

Combo-Box 2 - State:
US - Alabama
US - California
UK - Scotland
UK - Wales

Selecting US in combo-box 1 would only display Alabama and California in combo-box 2.

I've been looking at the custom-fields part of the admin panel, and have not seen it can be done in there. Would this require an add-on?
This really requires javascript to do it well and have that kind of interaction between the two fields. Of course you can also just display all countries / states in one long list. That would be easier, but less interactive.
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