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Need Webmaster - Massive Opportunity!

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by NYCFC, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. NYCFC

    NYCFC Member

    I've been out of the game for a while. Have run plenty of forums in the past (IPB/vB/etc).
    Unfortunately I don't have the time anymore working 50+ hours a week to be able to dedicate myself to learn the programming aspect of it.
    I do have a good income and am going to invest heavily into my project.
    Already have 6,000+ twitter followers at my disposal!
    I am looking to make a soccer forum, niche market at my disposal already.
    6000 followers and growing on a daily basis. Also followed by the official soccer team twitter account. 1 of only 500 people they follow out of 60,000+ people that follow them.
    The forum will be dedicated to NYCFC supporters. 2 Supporter twitter accounts already on board.
    1 With 6K followers and another with 1.5K followers.
    What I'm offering.
    $100 Will pay upfront after initial instillation and set-up.
    Then $50 monthly.
    What I'm asking.
    Service the forum for technical issues. You'd be considered an administrator.
    Install add-ons, skins, etc.
    Design experience would be nice (header/logo).
    Please p/m on here with inquiries!
    I will be launching the website with a $100 jersey contest and a $400 ticket contest for opening day off the teams game.
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  2. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

    So that's 2 hrs, maybe 3, per month. Think it would take a lot more than that, especially in ramp-up phase, to get a skilled admin. There's a couple of 'professional' community administrators on here - ask them how much? 50/50 deal for all revenue and ownership is probably the going deal I would think. You're bringing the customers, they're bringing the experience and growth.
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  3. NYCFC

    NYCFC Member

    I would ideally want a partnership so I can invest more in the forum. However, I'm already split partnered with someone so investing $1K+ and then only taking 25% of income wouldn't be an option. I'd rather just hire as I go.
    That's why I was offering more for the initial set-up and then $50 or lets say a 20% stake, whichever is greater.
    I feel like the forum will generate a lot of traffic so it's a great opportunity. I couldn't offer a greater steak than I currently have.
    Me 60% co-owner 40%
  4. mariohn

    mariohn Member

    @NYCFC i sent you a message, I can help you get everything started.

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