XF 1.4 Need Usergroup Promotions to run (For all users)


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That should do it for all members.

If it doesn't then the criteria may be incorrect.
So I'm seeing one of the groups has been applied to a few people but there are many others who I know fit the criteria that are not in the group.
The other group looks like no one is in now a all.

V.I.P. Promotion:
-Promotion Active
-Add User to User Groups: V.I.P.
-User Donations: (User has donated at least 5 and USer has donated no more than 14)

Super V.I.P. Promotion:
-Promotion Active
-Add ser to User Groups: Super V.I.P.
-User Donations: (User has donated at least 15)


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What is User Donations?

If that is from an add-on, you will need to contact the developer to determine why it's not applying correctly.