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need some forum work

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by Codeless, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Codeless

    Codeless Active Member

    hi i need some work on my xenforo forum . since i am new to xenforo i think need a expert to do all things here is list of work . maybe missed few things will prepair new list again and pay other for that .
    if anyone able to do that all i will pay them simply bid how you want to do that all .. thanks

    Forum Fixes
    1- Automated Tags from Thread content or title
    2-Tags Cloud display in Sidebar + Footer
    3- Dispalay User Groups in sidebar

    Registred User : 500
    VIP users : 214
    Moderator : 21
    Admins : 2
    Donatore : 100

    Total Members : 337


    4- Bitcoins Rate display in sidebar (i'll provide api )
    5- Similare thread display
    6- Double posting prevntaion
    7- BB Codes fix (Hide Reply + thanks ) Show in TinyMac Editor
    8- Advance forum statics display on forum
    9- News Threads Display in sidebar
    10- User Groups legends
    11- Creating new groups + setting permission + adding users badges
    13- Users select there user group on registration (there will be some paid groups so users cant process registration without payment we already have setup payment system )
    14- user credit system configration (user spend credit to view others thread and earn posting new threads + if they dont want post they should buy credit via payment api )
    15- Banner rotating system (auto remove banners + auto buy banner space with payment )
    16- Avater configration (seprate staff + Banned + Vendors + Banned + scammers + VIP + Donors avaters ) i will provide avaters file
    17- Postbit editing (centered info + if anyther needed )
    18- Add some new pages + new tabs in forum
    19- Strong email security prevntaion to use temprory email and force users to change email if bounced
    20- users rank setting

    if any addional work needed will reply
  2. ForumCube

    ForumCube Active Member

    @Codeless If this job it still open. Please start chat with us.
  3. JustinHawk

    JustinHawk Active Member





    https://xenforo.com/community/resources/tlk-usergroup-legend.1548/ test it before using :)




    I like this one :p





    A good theme will already gave you these options :)
    try demo of pixelexit or audentio theme i prefer both :)

    Feel free to contact me if you need any sort of help :)
  4. Codeless

    Codeless Active Member

    @JustinHawk actully i am new to xenforo i already installed them but there is some problem some of not working thats why i tried to find someone who can do . anyway thanks for help you almost found everything .

    and @ForumCube i will contact you asap thanks
  5. JustinHawk

    JustinHawk Active Member

    Have you checked user group permissions :) as some doesnt come with setup done already you need to setup them yourself :D

    if you need any help PM me i am free today :)

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