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Need optimization advise

My server is a 32 GB Ram, 2 x 6 Core 2620 --> 12 Cores - 24 Threads, Raid-10 - 4 x 1TB dedicated server. For about a month now I have had a high load issue when I get to about 500 members. I use DDoS software, blocked about 80 countries, use NGINX. Nothing seems to work and my admins cannot put a finger on it and now they are asking me to have Xenforo look at the software and give a recommendation on what to do. They think it revolves around the size of the website somehow. I am going to relay info as I am not a tech.
200-300 its at about 15-20 load at 500 it's 75 linux load
It is likely that the server needs optimising and tuning, specifically for InnoDB.
Do a review on existing processes running on the server. However, have you tried disabling Xenforo, or closing your site to see what the server load would be like?

Before I moved to a data center that was able to DDOS mitigate, that is how I was able to tell if issues were outside of the script.

Also stop your email services and DNS to see if that helps. It would be good if you used external email and DNS.
Can you provide output of any of DB scripts? U can use mysqltuner for starting. During high load, are u running out of memory or IO? You need to provide some stats, during high load and during normal load so we can help you.

Do you have any caching mechanism?